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Distributing incoming mail faster to people in your organization who are waiting to process it means benefits to you and your customer:

  • Incoming payments processed quicker therefore improving cash flow
  • Orders processed immediately to help improve customer satisfaction

Neopost has a complete range of solutions from desktop models to high-speed productions units.

Low Volume Letter Openers
The IM-16C letter opener opens up to 300 envelopes per minute, quickly and safely. (by Omation)
Mid Volume Letter Openers
The IM-2112 is the latest advancement in envelope opening technology. (by Omation)
The IM-30 opens 1, 2, or 3 sides of the envelope without presorting, adjustments or waste.
The IM-35 slits each envelope on 3 sides, extracts the contents and presents them to you on a tray.
High Volume Letter Openers
Im-306 The IM-306 is able to operate at a rated speed of up to 40,000 envelopes per hour. (by Omation)

Each are designed to meet a variety of your incoming mail opening needs.

  • Process quickly and efficiently
  • Opens mixed mail
  • IM35 will automatically open and extract the contents of your mail
  • Protects documents integrity thanks to proven technology
  • Up to 60 times faster than by hand
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