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Whether you process mail from your home office or in a mailroom at an enterprise-level corporation, Neopost has a mailing machine that will simplify your mailings with its revolutionary technology.

Built to provide reliability, performance, and flexibility, all Neopost postage meters and mailing machines feature a sleek, modern design with intuitive features that are easy to master. Plus, Neopost mailing machines are modular, so they can expand easily as your mailing needs grow.

Value-Added Services:

Low Volume Mailing Machines
IS-280 Mailing Machine
The IS-280 iMeters full line of standard features and innovative Apps streamline the way you handle mail.
IS-330 Mailing Machine
The Neopost IS-330 Mailing System is a desktop powerhouse.
TheĀ IN-360 is the simple, versatile choice for desktop mailing.
Mid Volume Mailing Machines
IN-600 HF
The Neopost IN-600 HF delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.
IN-600 AF
The IN-600 Series' contemporary design depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents.
Modern touch screen technology makes the IN-610 navigation a breeze. Large, descriptive buttons and prompts enhance the visual experience
The capabilities of the 700 Series exceed those of a traditional mailing system.
High Volume Mailing Machines
The IN-750 has a sleek and modern design that depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents.
Large, interactive display enhances the IN-710/760 visual experience for each operator. Touch screen technology makes navigation a breeze
The IS-5000 offers high throughput and touch-screen technology.
The IS-6000 mailing system is ready to handle the demands of large corporate and production mailing operations.
IJ-15K High Performance Digital In-line Metering System

Neopost iMeter™ Postage Meter

All IS/IN Series mailing systems feature the Neopost iMeter™ postage meter. Through a series of standard and optional Apps, you will be able to expand the functionality of the mailing system. The combination of the iMeter™ and powerful business Apps, provide you with the tools you need to better manage your mailing operations and control costs.

Neopost Mailing Systems:

  • Meet future USPS IBIP regulations for postage meter security
  • Feature smear-proof inkjet digital printing
  • Increase efficiency and simplify the entire mail process

All Neopost mailing machines include neoFund® for postal resets. Other resetting options include no deposit Postage-On-Call® (with annual fee) and Direct Deposit (no annual fee) where you can fund your POC account in advance.

We can help you select the right mailing machine for your needs.

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