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neopost online services

The Neopost Intelligent Solution (IS) mailing systems offer Online Services that will simplify mailing system management and help you monitor, track and control postal expenditures. Using Smart Connect™, your mailing system can connect via high speed internet connection (analog also available) to link you to this expandable suite of services that includes: Online Advantage, Postal Rate Protection, Online Postal Expense Manager™, E-Services and E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt from USPS®.

Online access allows you to manage your mailing operations more effectively and control costs. Avoid business disruptions by receiving low ink email alerts that prevent you from running out of ink, stay up to date with postal rate downloads that ensure compliance and maximize system uptime with remote diagnostics.

Manage your expenses with online monitoring of postal expenditures. Each month the IS mailing solution uploads basic postal expense information, including the amount of postage spent and the number of pieces processed by meter, to your secure "MyNeopost" account. With this information at your fingertips you now have the tools required for postage expense budgeting. You will be able to create basic reports and export data for monthly, quarterly, or even year-over-year planning.

Enjoy hassle free Postal Service™ rate updates with Neopost Rate Protection. When your mailing system has Rate Protection, updates are automatically downloaded, ensuring simple and accurate processing as well as postal compliance.

Postal Expense Manager Take control of your postage expenses with Online Postal Expense Manager. By enhancing the standard Online Advantage postage expense reporting capabilities, you can create additional reports to include: department level breakdown (who is spending the postage), postal classes (how the postage is being spent), and daily detail (when the postage is being spent). This tool not only provides you with better visibility and simple reporting, but also gives you the capability to charge back by department, analyze and optimize postal class usage, and see daily usage trends for better planning and staffing of your mailing operations. With better visibility and simple reporting, Postal Expense Manager gives you the required information to better manage and control your expenses. All reports can be viewed as graphical snapshots (including charts and graphs), and postage usage data can be easily exported into Excel® for additional analysis and reporting.

Experience significant cost savings and simple processing and tracking of your mail with Neopost E-Services. With these services, you will be able to utilize discounted postal rates for USPS® Extra Services. In addition, you can accurately track all of your outgoing mail anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. You will know when every mailpiece went out, and more importantly, when they arrived at their destination. User definable email alerts inform you of delivered and undelivered mail. This allows you to inform your recipient of the delivery status, which can help build stronger relationships with your customers. From eDelivery Confirmation™ and eSignature Confirmation™ to eCertified Mail™ with Electronic Return Receipt from USPS®, E-Services helps you track, confirm, and save.

Neopost E-Services consists of:

eDelivery Confirmation eDELIVERY CONFIRMATION™
Validates the delivery of your mail

eDelivery Confirmation™ provides tracking information and delivery status of your mail including:

  • Delivery location Zip Code™
  • Status of your shipment
  • Date and time of any attempted, forwarded or returned delivery
  • Date and time of the confirmed delivery

Helpful Tip: When sending out Priority Mail®, eDelivery Confirmation™ is FREE!

eSignature Confirmation eSIGNATURE CONFIRMATION™
Verifies delivery information and informs you of who signed for your package

In addition to the information provided by eDelivery Confirmation™, eSignature Confirmation™ provides:

  • Electronic verification of the mail recipient's name (first initial & last name)

Helpful Tip: In order to receive the discounted electronic rate, eSignature Confirmation™ must be requested at the time of mailing.

Validates the proof of your mailing

eCertified Mail™makes certain your article arrives at its destination:

  • A unique article number allows you to verify delivery online
  • Recipient's signature is obtained at the time of delivery and a record is maintained by the Post Office™
    - Proof of delivery with a signature file is available with optional Electronic Return Receipt from USPS® (*IS Series only)

Helpful Tip: Maximize your tracking capabilities! Coupling eCertified Mail™ with Electronic eReturn Receipt from USPS® provides both proof of mailing as well as proof of delivery.


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