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Overview System Requirements Features Postage Refunds neoFunds® Installation

What is neoShip?
neoShip is Quadient USA's IMpb-compliant online shipping solution that is launched from within myQuadient.  

With neoShip, users will be able to:

  • Create an IMpb compliant shipping label in minutes

  • Benefit from the cost savings associated with Commercial Base Pricing

  • Obtain a consolidated view of all shipments

  • Create summary and detailed reports based on shipment history/operator shipments/transactions

  • Stay informed by tracking each shipment online

  • Benefit from free Address Correction services

  • Automatically qualify for FREE insurance on Priority Mail (up to $50 value) and Priority Express (up to $100 value)

What parcels require an IMpb-compliant barcode when using a postage meter?
Parcels, packages, and Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail pieces of any shape, size, or price category, including flat-rate boxes and envelopes.

  • Priority Mail

  • Priority Mail Express

  • First-Class Mail Package Services

  • Parcel Select

  • Parcel Select Lightweight

  • Standard Mail

  • Library Mail

  • Media Mail

  • Bound Printed Matter

What is an IMpb barcode?
IMpb is the Intelligent Mail® package barcode. It has been developed by the USPS® and is intended to enhance the tracking capabilities for packages and accountable mail.

Does neoShip print an IMpb barcode?

Do I receive Commercial Base Rates when shipping an item with an IMpb barcode?

What is the process for shipping an item with neoShip?
There are 4 steps to shipping a package:

  1. Selecting a package type and weight

  2. Entering in the recipient address

  3. Selecting the mail class and USPS® Extra Services

  4. Printing the shipping label

Are there any mandatory requirements when ordering neoShip?
Yes. When ordering neoShip, you must have:

  • An active neoFunds®/TotalFunds® account

  • The mailing system requires a Local Area Network (LAN) high-speed internet connection or iMeter™ PC Link (available only on the IS/IM280 mailing systems) - an analog phone modem connection will not work.

What printers does neoShip support?
neoShip supports any USB or networked Windows® recognized inkjet, laserjet or thermal label printer with a minimum quality of 203 dpi (USPS® requirement).

Does Quadient USA offer a printer? If so, what is the part number/model number?
neoShip has been qualified on the following USB printers available from Quadient:

  • OKI Monochrome - part number: HD-M11DN

  • OKI Multi-Function - part number: HD-MF14DN

  • IS/IN Series (HP8100) - part number: ISPRINTER/INPRINTER

  • OKI thermal label printer - part number: NEOSHIPRLD-N/NEOSHIPRLD

  • Brother thermal label printer

What browsers are supported?

  • Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and 10

  • Mozilla Firefox latest version

Does the neoShip application alert you if a browser is not supported?
Yes. The neoShip application will alert you if a browser is not supported during the Systems Requirements Check.
Note: in some cases, the application will run on a non-supported browser.

Can I add insurance to my items?
Yes. You can insure items up to $5,000 in value.

Is insurance ever free on my items?
Yes. When shipping Priority Mail™ items, insurance is FREE for items with a value up to $50.00. For Priority Mail Express™ items, insurance is FREE for items with a value up to $100.00.

How long is the shipping data available?
Shipping data is available for 3 months.

How do I archive data?
Data is archived automatically through the neoShip application.

How do I retrieve an archive?
If you need to retrieve archive data, please call 1-800-Quadient

What types of reports are available with neoShip?
neoShip provides a comprehensive reporting package for all items being shipped through the application. If the customer is processing items on the mailing system, they will be reported through iMeter Apps. neoShip reports pertain to just neoShip items. Reports include:

Shipment Reports

  • Number of items and/or percent shipped by service/mail class

  • Postage spent by service

  • Number of items shipped by week

  • Postage spent by department

Transaction Reports

  • Shipment values by month

  • Transaction details including base postage + Extra Services

Activity Reports

  • Number of shipments by user

  • Postage spent by user

NOTE: Users have the option to create custom reports by filtering the data.

How often is tracking information updated?
Every time the "Detail" button is selected on the Shipment List, the most up to date tracking information is displayed via the USPS®.

Can I order neoShip without a mailing system?
No. neoShip is not sold as a standalone solution, only as part of a total solution with a Quadient / Hasler mailing system.

Can I print stamps from neoShip?
No. You cannot print stamps from neoShip but, you will be able to print an indicia from the Quadient/Hasler mailing system for items that are not considered a parcel.

If I use neoShip, do I need to bring my items to the local post office for shipment, or will my postal carrier be able to pick them up?
When you use neoShip, there are three ways to get your items into the mailstream including:

  • Local postal carrier can pick items up at your location

  • Drop it in a blue box (as long as it fits)

  • Go to the counter at the Post Office

Can I import an existing Address Book into the database?
No. You cannot import an Address Book into the database. You have the ability to create an Address Book, but you cannot import an existing one.

Can I assign the postage value to a specific department/account for chargeback purposes?
Yes.  During Step #2 – Enter Address, you have the option of selecting a department (located in the last pull down menu). If the department you want to charge back is not available in the pull down menu, simply go to the Settings tab, choose "Ship From Addresses" and then "Add new".

If my mailing system is limited to a 2lb. and 5lb. scale, how do I ship an  item that weighs more than 2 and 5lbs?
If you have a mailing system with a 2lb. weight capacity, any item over 2lbs will have to be shipped using the "manual weight entry" function. The same applies for a system with a weight capacity of 5lbs. Anything over 5lbs. will be shipped with "manual weight entry". Note: If "manual weight entry" is enabled, you must enter in a value greater than the capacity of the scale, otherwise it will not be accepted. For example, if the scale capacity is 2lbs, and manual weight is activated, you must enter in a weight over 2lbs. If you enter 1lb., it will be rejected.

What Extra Services are supported with neoShip?
Insurance, USPS® Tracking (formerly known as Delivery Confirmation™), Signature Confirmation™, Signature Waiver and No Weekend Delivery are all supported by neoShip.

What mail classes are supported with neoShip?

  • First Class Package Service™: lightweight packages that weigh up to 13 oz

  • Priority Mail®: fast delivery service (1, 2, or 3 days) based on where the package originated and where it is being shipped to. Free USPS® branded envelopes and boxes for packing materials. This service includes free insurance up to $50.00 US

  • Priority Mail Express™: fastest service, with limited exceptions, available 365 days a year. Overnight delivery or next day service to most U.S. addresses, including PO Boxes™. This service includes free insurance up to $100.00 US

Is USPS® tracking free for all items when using neoShip?
Yes. Tracking is free for all items that are processed with neoShip.

Will I be able to view my credit line information via the neoShip screens?

If myQuadient is down, can I still operate the mailing system?
Yes. You can still process mail on the mailing system if myQuadient is down.

If my mailing system is down, can I still use neoShip?
Yes. However, you are limited to USPS® Flat Rate products and custom package types that have been previously created and saved with weight.

Does neoShip provide the lowest cost shipping method?
Yes. neoShip combines Commercial Base Rates and a low monthly subscription to provide the lowest cost shipping method.

What is a test label?
A test label is available for each shipment and is designed to validate the printer is ready for printing. The test label will not display the actual shipping address, but rather test data.

Can I physically print a test label?
Yes. By clicking on the "Print Test Label" button, neoShip will print a test label. Funds will NOT be deducted from your account. Test labels should be used when you haven't printed a label in a while or are using a new or different printer. You must select your printer from the Settings/My Preferences tab before printing a test label or real label if you want to print to a new or different printer.

When sending a package, there is an optional field called ID.  What does it stand for?
The ID field is used to identify a specific address profile. When setting up and saving an ID, you actually create an "address short-cut". Once the address profile is saved, the next time you go into "Step #2 - Enter Address" all you will have to do is put the ID code in, and the address profile will auto-populate.

There are fields called "references" on the address selection page –what is the purpose of a "reference"?
A reference field is an open field and is designed to be used as a way of identifying a specific shipment. Each reference field can consist of letters and numbers and has a maximum character length of 15. The system allows the flexibility of adding up to 5 references per item.

How does neoShip compete with FedEx®, UPS®, etc?
neoShip is a unique solution for the parcel shipping environment designed to save time and money by allowing the creation of package shipping labels in the convenience of your office. Shop USPS® rates for the most economical price or fastest delivery time.

When can I apply for a postage refund?
A refund can be initiated when a shipping label was created and printed in error.

How do I apply for a postage refund?
Click on the Shipment History tab, locate the Refund column, select the specific transaction you want a refund for, click "Get refund".

Do I receive 100% of my postage funds back when applying for a refund?
No. When applying for a refund, you will receive 90% of the postage value back.

How long does it take before I receive my postage refund?
As soon as you apply for a postage refund, your neoFunds®/TotalFunds® account will be credited for 90% of the postage value.

How long do I have to apply for a refund?
Once a label has been printed, you have one business day to request a refund.
Note: it is one business day from the mailing date printed on the shipping label

In what format do I receive my money? Direct deposit? Check? Something else?
Funds are credited to the neoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. You cannot receive funds in any other format.

Will all refund requests be accepted?
No. The USPS® researches each refund request. If the refund is considered false or fraudulent, it will be rejected. The refund amount will be reversed within the neoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. This process can take up to 45 days.

If I have insufficient funds, will neoShip allow me to continue to ship?
No. If your balance is less than the amount of the proposed shipment, the system will not allow you to print a label.

If I have insufficient funds, how can I download postage/increase credit line?
Make a payment to your neoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. Please allow at least 24 hours for payment to be processed.

How do I install neoShip on my computer?
If the mailing system that you have rented, purchased, or leased is a self-installable machine, you will be provided with installation instructions. If you misplaced the installation instructions, they can be found by simply visiting the Quadient Knowledgebase.

If your machine is service installable, a trained technician will install the application and provide basic training for you.

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