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Watch the DS-75i product video.

The 7” color touch screen simplifies operation with wizard-based programming. Recall up to 50 jobs stored in memory or create new jobs with ease. Load documents and envelopes, press start and the DS-75i automatically measures the materials and sets itself up for easy operation.


Continuously feed up to 975 documents using three standard feeders in cascading mode. Increase capacity to 1200 sheets with an optional high-capacity feeder. Utilize the vertical stacker for quick unloading of filled envelopes.


Document feeders accommodate a wide variety of material combinations from full sheets to short inserts. This flexible and scalable inserter is available in three configurations and designed to fit perfectly into any work environment.


Exclusive feeder technology prevents double document errors. The barcode scanner reads codes, printed anywhere on the document, allowing you to process variable-page document sets and selectively include enclosures with absolute accuracy.

Speed Up to 3,800 inserts per hour
Annual Volume 480,000 cycles
Envelope Specifications   Min Max
  Width 6.3" 9.7"
  Height 3.5" 6.35"
  Quality 20 lb. bond 30 lb. bond
Document/Daily Mail Specifications   Min Max
  Width 5.1" 9.1"
  Width if Production Fdr. 5.5" 9"
  Height 3.5" 14"
  Quality 15 lb. 42.5 lb. bond
62.5 lb. bond if folding
Insert Dimensions Insert ready for insertion should be at least 1/2" less than envelope in width and at least 1/4" less than envelope in height
Fold Formats 1/2 Fold (single fold)
C Fold (tri-fold)
Z Fold
Double Parallel
No Fold
Thickness 1 to 8 sheets (20 lb. bond) tri-folded or up to 10 sheets folded in single-folded (.1 or 2.5mm thick depending on application)
Physical Dimensions 20"W x 50"L x 29"H
Weight 3 stations 165 lbs.
Power Requirements Voltage 115V AC
Frequency 60 Hz