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Uses Ink Cartridge# IXINK357

One simple solution for both mailing and shipping

Ease of Use

Never guess the weights of the items you are mailing. With a standard 5 lb. or optional 10, 30, or 70 lb. external weighing platform, the iX-3 ensures you know the correct weight, to prevent over posting. The Rate Wizard simplifies the process of selecting the correct postal rate and class and rate. Shortcut keys save time by providing instant job set up.


Smoothly process batches of mail at the rate of 45 letters per minute. Simply insert your mail piece and print the exact postage you need. Refilling postage funds, downloading the latest USPS® rates or feature upgrades for your system has never been easier. Simply connect the postage meter using either a dedicated Internet connection or analog line.


Personalize your mail pieces with an image, logo or message using NeoSlogan. Select from a library of over 100 stock images or create your own in minutes. Ship directly from your desktop with NeoShip and ensure full IM®pb compliance for all your USPS packages.

Cost Control

Pay just 50 cents (5 cent savings) for First-Class postage, access Commercial Base Pricing for USPS® shipments using NeoShip online shipping software, and enjoy the benefits of electronic rate discounts when using our e-Services application. Each iX-3 comes standard with NeoStats postage expense reporting.


Performance Processing speed up to 45 mail pieces per minute
Track postage spending for up to 300 departments
(30 dept. standard, 100 or 300 depts. optional)
iMeter Apps Postal Rates App
Online Postal Expense Manager™ App
E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt App
NeoFunds® App
Materials Handling Postcards, letters and small packages
Minimum: 3.5” x 5”
Maximum: 10” x 13”
Thickness: Up to 3/8”
System Dimensions 10”L x 17”D x 11”H
Base w/integrated feeder and catch tray: 29”L x 17”D x 11”H


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