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Whether you process mail from your home office or in a mailroom at an enterprise-level corporation, Quadient has a mailing machine that will simplify your mailings with its revolutionary technology.

Built to provide reliability, performance, and flexibility, all Quadient postage meters and mailing machines feature a sleek, modern design with intuitive features that are easy to master. Plus, Quadient mailing machines are modular, so they can expand easily as your mailing needs grow.

Value-Added Services:

iX-1 Postage Meter

Get all the perks of a professional mailroom in one small unit and stop wasting time at the Post Office™.

  • Save 3 cents on every First-Class letter, just by using a postage meter. That's a 5% savings for your mail budget!
  • Process letters, flats, and postcards in record time.
  • Stop over-paying for postage! Always pay the correct amount.


iX-3 Series Postage Meter

The iX-3 Series offers small offices the most pragmatic choice for delivering effortless mailing and shipping operations. Don't let the compact design fool you — the iX-3 is extremely powerful.

Coupled with Neoship ADVANCED and Neostats, this complete suite offers a one-stop approach to processing, tracking, reporting and reconciling postage expenses for mail and parcels.

iX-5 Series Mailing System.

The iX-5 Series offers flexibility and efficiency while maintaining job integrity every step of the way. Ideal for mid-level mail volumes, the iX-5 is available in two models, a power-assisted hand feed (iX-5 HF) or with auto-feed technology (iX-5 AF).  

This system features a color screen and easy-to-use control panel. The iX-5 also meets the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS® requirements.


iX-7 Series Mailing System

The iX-7 Series mailing system is a paramount addition to any business. Built to excel in the most demanding mail centers, the iX-7 Series is available with two different processing speeds and a variety of weighing and stacking options.

The design of the system features an easy-to-use color touchscreen. Coupled with a mixed mail feed that process up to 140 lpm (iX-7) or 175 lpm (iX-7PRO), this system is designed for mid to high volume mailers. The iX-7 also meets the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS® requirements.


iX-9 Series Mailing and Shipping System

A high-output mailing and shipping system combined with all-in-one mail center software

The iX-9 sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency. Designed with the operator in mind, this mailing system delivers simple ergonomic operations, investment protection, cost savings, reliable production and maximum uptime. Ideal for high mail volume, the iX-9 automatically seals, weighs, measures, meters, and stacks large mail runs in minutes. With batch processing speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, the iX-9 is the workhorse of mailing systems. The iX-9 also meets the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS® requirements.

Quadient observed high-volume mailing system operators and listened to production mail center customers before designing it

Quadient iMeter™ Postage Meter

All IS/IN Series mailing systems feature the Quadient iMeter™ postage meter. Through a series of standard and optional Apps, you will be able to expand the functionality of the mailing system. The combination of the iMeter™ and powerful business Apps, provide you with the tools you need to better manage your mailing operations and control costs.

Quadient Mailing Systems:

  • Meet future USPS IBIP regulations for postage meter security
  • Feature smear-proof inkjet digital printing
  • Increase efficiency and simplify the entire mail process

All Quadient mailing machines include neoFund® for postal resets. Other resetting options include no deposit Postage-On-Call® (with annual fee) and Direct Deposit (no annual fee) where you can fund your POC account in advance.

We can help you select the right mailing machine for your needs.